Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019 — Cox & Rathvon (Preliminary Post)


Here is today's puzzle from Cox & Rathvon. I will return later with the solution.

I invite you to leave a comment to let us know how you fared with the puzzle.

Signing off for the moment — Falcon


  1. Good beautiful Saturday (at least here in the GTA) to all the puzzlers out there! Thanks for the post, Falcon - I see you were at it early this morning. Mosquitos keeping you up?
    I breezed through the upper and right sides - got stuck in the lower left quadrant. Particularly 26d. Nothing seemed to fit, even though it is a short word. Tried to play with the parsing in case I was missing something, but nothing seemed to nail it. Ok, so I have a solution with a quasi synonym for 'fall hard.'
    LOL on 19d, that had me going for a while as well. Didn't like 23a, I mean, really??
    Henry - Best of luck to all!

  2. Henry - Did not like 23a either. Who uses a word like that? 26d was the last one for me. Loved 11a. Enjoyed today's offering. Now I am off to do the daily cryptic from England. It's more challenging.

  3. Good morning,

    I agree that 23a is dreadful. And 26d was last for me too but got it in the end. Have a good weekend!


  4. Hello Falcon and fine folk,

    Similar experience to others with 26d being the last one in. Favourite was 19d due to the misdirection. I did not mind 23a at all. Overall, a pretty easy puzzle.

    Thank you for posting Falcon. Have a nice weekend all. At least it is not pouring rain here!


  5. Quite easy this week except, like others, 26D stumped me for a while. Sometimes it's the short ones that cause trouble.

  6. Here is the solution for this week's puzzle.

    1a DOVE (double definition)
    9a DORM|ICE
    11a PAN|ACHE (to PAN something = to criticize it)
    12a CON|GA
    13a I|VAN|HOE
    15a IMAGINE* (anagram on IN GAME, I)
    16a DRAGNET* (anagram on GET DARN)
    18a NOMINEE* (anagram on ONE MINE)
    21a COL|OGNE* (COL short form for Colonel, and an anagram on GONE)
    23a RIGHTER˜ (homonym of WRITER = author)
    25a W(OO)ED (WED = married)
    27a OMICRON* (anagram on MORONIC)
    28a MAD|IS+|ON (ON = covering)
    29a RATION|ALLY (RATION = share)
    30a BRIE (BRIEF with the last letter cut off)

    1d DEDUCTIONS* (anagram on DISCOUNTED)
    2d _VERANDA_ (hidden in _VER AND A_)
    4d PRECISE* (anagram on RECIPES)
    5d LA(PLAN)D
    6d BEN|CH (BEN short form for BENJAMIN, CH short form for CHURCH)
    7d UNCLE|AN (UNCLE = OLD MAN'S (i.e. your dad's) BROTHER)
    8d DOES (double definition)
    10d ITALIAN* (anagram on NAIL IT A)
    14d AT+|TEN|DANCE
    17d AL|LOWED (LOWED = made mooing noises)
    19d {MAR(XIS)T}< (TRAM = streetcar, SIX = half a dozen, all reversed)
    20d ESTONIA* (anagram on INTO SEA)
    21d {C(A+|R)AMEL}+ (R = piece of RED)
    22d GROSSER˜ (homonym on GROCER = store owner)
    24d GARB|O (GARB = dress; O = first letter in OPERA) (Greta Garbo was a Swedish-American film actress during the 1920's and 1930's)
    26d POUR˜ (homonym for PORE = Opening) (winner of this week's Difficulty Prize; POUR as in POURING rain, thanks MG!)


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