Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010 - Not Really a Nasty Grid


The solution to the first two clues in this offering from Cox and Rathvon might suggest that today's puzzle has a nasty grid - but I found no fault with it.

Today's Glossary

Some abbreviations, people, places, words and expressions used in today's puzzle that may be unfamiliar, especially for overseas visitors to the site

AAA - abbreviation American Automobile Association

A-Rod - nickname for Alex Rodriguez, American professional baseball player who plays third base for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball

Bo Derek - American film actress

Charlie Chan - a fictional Chinese-American detective created by Earl Derr Biggers, the hero of many novels and over four dozen films

Chevy Chase - American comedian, writer, and television and film actor

Ent - a fictional race of people who closely resemble trees from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle-earth

Solution to Today's Puzzle

Legend: "CD" Cryptic Definition; "DD" Double Definition

"*" anagram; "~" sounds like; "<" letters reversed

"( )" letters inserted; "_" letters deleted

1a WICKED - double definition; "bad" and "as a candle can be" (i.e., having a wick)

4a MATRIX~ - sounds like (you say) MAY TRICKS (springtime pranks)

8a PER (DIE)M - DIE (stop) contained in (wearing) PERM (hairdo)

10a CONQUER~ - sounds like (audibly) CONKER (someone engaged in noggin-whacking)

11a NUMBERS - double definition; "counts" and "ice and novocaine" (i.e., things that cause numbness)

12a R(ESP)ITE - ESP (especially) contained in (in) RITE (formal ceremony)

13a DETER|I|ORATE - DETER (stop) I ORATE (address the crowd)

14a COT|ON|EASTER - COT (bed) ON EASTER (Sunday in spring)

20a CHA(PAT)I - CHAI (tea) containing (divided by) PAT

21a IMP|LORE - {IMP LORE} (stories of rascals); Note: one must read "imp lore" as a phrase to fully appreciate the meaning

22a RE|STING - RE-STING is a way of cryptically expressing the idea of STING (smart) after having already been stung (again)

23a NIAGARA* - anagram (when broken down) of RING AAA

24a YANKEE - double definition; "A-Rod, e.g." and "one pulled out"

25a _FLET|CH_ - hidden in (features) leaFLET CHiefly


1d WI(PIN)G - PIN (brooch) contained in (stuck in) WIG (toupee)

2d CAROMED* - anagram (goofy) of COMRADE

3d E(MINE)NT - ENT (Tolkien creature) contains (keeps) MINE (source of riches)

5d AMNESIA* - anagram (bad) of A NAME IS

6d ROU(TIN)E - ROUE (rake) contains (has ... insert) TIN (metal)

7d XER|XES< - reversal (backed) of {SEX (congress) REX (Latin [word for] king)} 9d MI<|SPRINTING - reversal (facing the wrong way) of IM (I'm) + SPRINTING (rushing)

10d CAR(BO)NATION - BO (Ms. Derek) contained in (wearing) CARNATION (flower)

14d CHANS|ON - CHANS (film detective's; i.e., Chan's) ON (performing; as "You're on after the intermission.")

15d {TEA TIME}* - anagram (stranger) of I MEET AT

16d T(OPS)AIL - OPS (opportunities) contained in (in) TAIL (back)

17d RIO|T ACT - {RIO TACT} (some Brazilian diplomacy); Note: this wordplay works best when read as a phrase "Rio tact"

18d S|CURRY - S (salt) + (and) CURRY (spicy seasoning)

19d SERAPH* - anagram (rattled) of SHERPA; "being up high" means "a being who dwells in the heavens"

Signing off for today - Falcon

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