Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 (DT 26085)

This puzzle was originally published Friday, November 13, 2009 in The Daily Telegraph


Although there are two errors in today's puzzle, not only is their existence fairly evident, but they really didn't seriously impede my progress in solving the puzzle.

I quite enjoyed today's puzzle - feeling like I was clearly on the same wavelength with the setter. I also seem to have found it a bit easier than some of the Brits seem to have rated it - or maybe time just passed quickly because I was enjoying it. I think this is the type of puzzle that one either loves or hates. Those who get the correct solution to the clues will think it is brilliant and those who are unable to solve the clues will think it is atrocious. Count me in the former camp today.

Today's Errors

Two errors in one puzzle - and both, it would almost certainly seem, quite obviously introduced by the editors of the National Post. The puzzle did appear in the UK on Friday the 13th - so perhaps it has carried with it an aura of bad luck.

8a Romanticize about antievolutionary theory of the universe (11)

During its journey across the Atlantic, this clue appears to have opted for a more American look - with disastrous results. The clue, as it originally appeared in the UK, should be:

8a Romanticise about antievolutionary theory of the universe (11)

26d Achievement

The numeration missing from the end should be a dead give-away that this clue has been truncated - although, I admit, my first thought was that it must be some sort of clever one-word & lit. clue. The clue in full is:

26d Achievement of female before lunch? (4)

This error reminds me of a report that I once read concerning frequent instances of truncated articles in newspapers. The item concluded along the lines of "In response to reader criticism, one editor stated that his paper was addressing this problem by taking steps to".

Today's Glossary

Some possibly unfamiliar abbreviations, people, places, words and expressions used in today's puzzle

maiden (abbreviation M) - noun 3 (also maiden over) Cricket an over in which no runs are scored.

masher - Etymology 2 noun 2. a fashionable man, a dandy, a fop

slag - verb 2 (often slag off) Brit. informal criticize abusively

smasher - noun 2 Brit. informal a very attractive or impressive person or thing

Territorial Army (abbreviation TA) - noun in the UK: a fully trained volunteer force intended to provide back-up to the regular army in cases of emergency.

tosh - noun Brit. informal rubbish; nonsense

Today's Links

Gazza's review of today's puzzle may be found at Big Dave's Telegraph Crossword Blog [DT 26085].

In case you are wondering, the yawning man illustrating clue 19a in Gazza's review is (I believe) Boris Johnson, mayor of London, England.

Commentary on Today's Puzzle

23a Take out love maiden with oomph (4)

I (as did at least one visitor to Big Dave's site) would take issue with OMIT meaning "take out". I am quite sure it means "leave out".

27a Stylish fellow given payment, a paltry amount (11)

A visitor to Big Dave's site points out that "paltry" sounds like poultry (perhaps more or less so, depending on the accent of the speaker) which adds a further dimension to this clue.

Signing off for today - Falcon

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  1. Yes, it's Boris - almost certainly snapped yawning at the wrong moment. And 23 does push things a bit far with "omit" for the sake of the surface.