Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017 — Cox & Rathvon (Preliminary Post)


Here is today's puzzle from Cox & Rathvon. As I am camping with minimal access to electricity and Internet, you may be on your own for a solution this week.

I invite you to leave a comment to let us know how you fared with the puzzle.

Signing off for the moment — Falcon


  1. Not too difficult today. Bit of a Canadian music theme. Last in was 13 d.

  2. I was off to a good start with NW filling them all in right away. Thought this was going to be a very easy puzzle but I found it more challenging than usual after completing NW. Unscrambling clues like 23a to a word I am not familiar with did not help.

    Last in at 26a -- I knew the parsing but I kept looking for a song to sing!!

    We really enjoyed the rain and now the cooler weather in southern Ontario.

    Have a nice holiday weekend everyone!

  3. Cool good morning to all! And especially you, Falcon, on your camping trip. Thanks for taking the time to post the puzzle.
    As noted, it started off fairly easily, but I needed some electronic assistance. Last one in was 21d, I wasn't thinking of a tennis court. Some cute misdirections this week (26a, 14a).
    Happy Long Weekend everyone!

  4. Hello Falcon and folk,
    I found the puzzle trickier than usual but did not have to resort to my friend google. Favourite clue was 23d and last one in was 15d.

    Definitely a cool weekend in my neck of the woods. I don't envy Falcon without electricity.


  5. Good afternoon everyone,

    Another pleasant offering from C & R today. In Falcon's absence I thought I'd try providing hints. The result is below.


    1 Dion (Celine) holding la and ti (two notes) gets what an eye’s pupil might do
    5 The Band (creator or “Big Pink” LP) minus the last letter (not finished) get a resident of Thebes, Greece
    9 Anagram (indicated by “blue”?) of “Rodeo” gets a word meaning “wear”
    10 Anagram (indicated by “fixed”) of “on miracle” gets Loretta Lynn’s father’s profession
    12 Anagram (indicated by “terribly”) of “Barcelona lied” gets this famous opera singer.
    14 The process of summing up in arithmetic around the most common musical key gets a synonym for “constant craving”
    17 Two letter word for “party” and an abbreviation for “rooms” gets college residences
    18 One letter abbreviation for “daughter” and a four letter word for a debtor gets money for marrying due to a widow from her husband’s estate
    20 Another word for “croons” goes around a three-letter word for sailor and Roman numeral for 50 to get common birds
    22 Anagram (indicated by “playing”) of “Feature Ringo’s” gets an adjective for “silver”. I had to look this one up.
    26 Anagram (indicated by “in a new arrangement”) for “Taped Rich” gets a two word term meaning low-priced (“for a song”)
    27 The last letter of “arrived” and a word meaning “playboy” gets a famous English sailor. And apparently, unbeknownst to me, a “rapper”. (And I thought this crossword was about music. I guess I was wrong.)
    28 A five-letter word for “bare-naked ladies” goes around a one-letter abbreviation for “general” (is this correct?) to get a synonym for “prods”
    29 Anagram (indicated by “breaking”) of “large toe” gets a two word phrase meaning “close friend”


    1 A three letter word meaning “expected” and a one letter abbreviation for “time” gets a “performance by a pair”
    2 A two letter abbreviation for “doctor”, plus “a” (from the clue) plus a four-letter word for a Christmas carol are all reversed (“in return”) to get a singer-songwriter’s first name
    3 Hidden in “sight-reading” is a five-letter word meaning “take a step”
    4 A three letter word for “a person” or individual goes around the two-letter abbreviation for “copper”. The resulting five letters when split 2,3 gets “how an actor should answer”.
    6 Anagram (indicated by “wild”) of “child I am” goes around the letter that looks like the numeral for zero (“assuming nothing”) to get a word meaning “dangerously violent”
    7 A six-letter word for a kind of horn-player goes around the first letter of “notes” to get a word for “one error-prone”
    8 Anagram (indicated by “renovated”) of “miss scar in” gets a word meaning “vanity”
    11 A three-letter synonym of the verb “outlaw” goes inside (“among”) a four-letter Latin word meaning “others” to get a country near Greece
    13 “And” (from the clue) plus a two-letter word for “mother” and two-letter abbreviation for “I had” go inside “stuffing” a three-letter common farmyard bird to get a kind of servant
    15 The material used to make bubble gum goes around (“about”) the three letter first name of a main character in the Harry Potter stories to get a word meaning “record”
    16 “In” (from the clue) and a three-letter word for “anger” go around (“grabbing”) the single-letter abbreviations for “salt” and “pepper” to get a word meaning “move to act”
    19 A three-letter word for “huge amount of cash” goes around the last name of an actor who played in the movie “Chicago”. The result is a word meaning “bet”.
    21 Anagram (“revised”) of “an asset” gets a famous tennis player (“court figure”)
    23 Two-letter name for an old Windows computer program go inside (“getting into”) a three-letter fish to get a word meaning “boot”
    24 Anagram (indicated by “remixed”) or “idol” and a one-letter abbreviation for “excellent” get a word meaning “song from the past”
    25 Three letter word meaning “the female” plus single-letter abbreviation for “love” gets another word for “idol”.

    1. Hi Peter -
      Good effort, now we both know what Falcon goes through to get the answers up (he does research, though as well).
      I help Falcon out, so I might as well do the same for you.
      9a the 5 letter word answer is hidden (advertised) in 'Blue Rodeo'
      22a the answer we are looking for means 'yielding silver' or silver is in the ore
      27a Drake is a rapper:
      Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986)[2] is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor.[3][4]
      Drake released his debut studio album Thank Me Later in 2010,[6] which debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and was soon certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). (with a tip of the hat to Falcon)
      25d "the female" as the object of the sentence
      p.s. There is absolutely no truth in the rumour the message from Shannon was inspired by these notes.

    2. Great job Peter!

      The only tweak I have is for 9a. I believe the answer is "hidden" in the clue as it is "advertised by" and therefore not an anagram.

      And for 27a, this rapper makes Canada proud!


    3. I think Henry was entering his reply at the same time as I was :p


    4. Great minds think alike...

    5. Great work Peter. Apparently you did not get the rapper Drake. I missed the tennis player Nastase!

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    1. I just know there is something cryptic in this message, somewhere...

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    3. @Henry and Richard

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    4. Shannon Smith?

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  9. Thanks to Peter for providing the hints. Here are the answers for those who need them.
    1 DI(LA)(TI)ON
    5 THEBAN
    9 ERODE (hidden)
    10 COALMINER (anagram ON MIRACLE)
    14 ADDI(C)TION
    17 DO|RMS
    18 D|OWER
    20 S(TAR|L)INGS
    26 DIRT CHEAP (anagram TAPED RICH)
    27 D|RAKE
    28 NUD(G)ES
    29 ALTER EGO (anagram LARGE TOE)

    1 DUE|T
    2 LEON|A|RD< (reversal)
    3 TREAD (hidden)
    4 ON (CU)E
    6 HOMICIDAL (anagram CHILD I AM + O)
    7 BU(N)GLER
    11 AL(BAN)IA
    13 H(AND|MA|ID)EN
    15 CH(RON)ICLE
    16 IN(S)(P)IRE
    19 WA(GERE)D
    21 NASTASE (anagram AN ASSET)
    23 E(XP)EL
    24 OLDI|E [(anagram IDOL)+E]
    25 HER|O

  10. Replies
    1. Carl, how did you know it was me?

      BTW, the title for this week's puzzle is "Addicted to music"


  11. Hi everyone,
    Falcon, thanks for keeping us in cryptics! I found this one a little more challenging than usual, partly because of spotty musical knowledge and partly because of "when will I ever learn?" issues in parsing - an anagram and hidden one got me here. Favorite was 26a; 22a was new to me and last in (that was the anagram I missed).