Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017 — Cox & Rathvon from Eire


Today I am staying near Sligo in the Republic of Ireland where I am fortunate enough to have Internet access. Here is today's puzzle from Cox & Rathvon. I'm afraid you will likely be on your own for a solution.

I invite you to leave a comment to let us know how you fared with the puzzle.

Signing off for now — Falcon


  1. Very enjoyable puzzle today. Favourite clue was 9A.

  2. I'm having serious issues with 9a. Cross letters and parsing leads me to a seasonal vegetable often baked into pies. But that parsing necessarily leaves "fight" as the def. I can't find any thesaurus references linking the two.

  3. Nice puzzle today. For 9a it was clear we are looking for one of my favourite types of pies, but I was not aware of the use of the word to mean "fight."

  4. Agreed...a very nice puzzle, but I can't figure out 12a, even with 3 of the 5 letters! Embarrassing!

    1. @West Coast Geordie
      That was another new word for me. Use one letter for British and a common word for "trace" or just a tiny bit to get native flora and fauna.

    2. Thanks Carl. Brand new word for me.

  5. Hello Falcon and fellow puzzlers,
    Pretty basic puzzle today. Was temporarily led astray by notorious seven (thinking seas). On my first pass through, the down clues seemed easier than the across clues.

    Enjoy the heat everyone!

  6. Good warm afternoon, everyone! And a special thanks to Falcon for the posting this morning!
    This was certainly one of the easiest C&R offerings we've had for a while.
    A nice little 10d to work on.
    I guess it is late enough to post the answers for those who may be stuck on one or two.

    1 HEARTS DESIRE (anagram)
    8 HOS|ANNA
    9 R|HU(BAR)B
    11 PEDESTALS (anagram)
    12 B|IOTA
    13 EL|MER
    15 DEADLY SIN (anagram)
    17 LUSITANIA (anagram)
    19 DR|APE
    21 V(O)ICE
    22 DEPORTEES (anagram)
    24 REORDER (Recorder with no C)
    25 LE(AND)ER
    26 ST(O)MACH ACHES (anagram with O)

    1 HAS|I|DIM
    2 AUNTS (anagram)
    3 TEA GARDEN (anagram)
    4 D|ARTS
    6 RE|A|SONS (not sure where the final S comes from
    7 CHOPPED LIVER (anagram)
    10 BRAINTEASERS (anagram)
    14 ROT|TER(DA)M
    16 A CAPPELLA (anagram)
    18 SP(IN) OUT
    20 A|GEN|DAS
    22 DORIC (hidden)
    23 R|EACH

    Don't be bashful to point out any errors or ask questions!

    1. Thanks Henry. Good work!

      You have used "hidden" for Doric; 13a is also hidden.

      Looking again at 6d, RE + A + SONS, male offspring (A not included) would be sons.


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    3. Thanks, Carl. I'm so glad Waldo doesn't just work for Falcon.

  7. It's probably just me, but I seem always to find the crosswords enjoyable... but only to an extent. Hasidim, Biota?! Good grief. I wouldn't mind being educated but the cueing hardly helps.

  8. Falcon, thank you for keeping us in puzzles while you're traveling. I found this one easier than the last few, and am with @MG in finding the Downs more accessible than the Acrosses on the first pass. I ended up working my way up from the bottom. Last in was 9a, which brought a smile, as I'd spent the morning chopping a bunch for two different desserts. Hopefully no 26a on the way!